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2014 WSOP Main Event More Fun Facts Part 2

by Joseph Smith Sr.

$28,980,121 or twenty-eight million nine-hundred eighty-thousand one-hundred and twenty-one US dollars.  Doesn't matter how we express it that's a lot of money.  And, that's exactly how much the 2014 WSOP November Nine will be chopping up during the November final table.

If you had to carry the money to the final table and it was in one dollar bills how many trips would you need to take?  Well, considering the total weight would be just over 63,730 lbs or for Dennis Phillips that would be about 31 tons or close to a truck full.  Even in one hundred dollar bills you would have to move 627 lbs.

If we applied the same weights and measures to the 2014 WSOP Main event total purse it would probably take most of a day or two because the $62,820,200 pile of money in one dollar bills would weigh 138,368 lbs or just over 61 tons.  One hundred dollar bills would lighten your load all the way down to 1,384 lbs.

Moving on, we will now talk a little about the WSOP Main Event we compare all others to, the 2006 gargantuan event that seated 8773 players and featured four day ones.  By the time the final river card was tossed onto the table a relatively unknown player with the unlikely name of Gold, Jamie Gold, became the owner of the largest and still the record Main event purse of $12 million in cash when he eliminated professional player Paul Wasicka.

Interesting note, Paul Wasicka collected $6,102,499 for second place and is listed in the 20th spot on the WSOP all-time money winners list with a total of $6,304,388 but has never won a WSOP bracelet.  In 2007 he defeated a blue ribbon field of invited pros in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship to win one of the most prestigious poker tournament that's played annually.

Jamie Gold won the largest WSOP Main Event purse to date at $12,000,000.  This record will probably fall to an even larger winner's purse sometime in the foreseeable future.  Gold is listed in the #5 spot on the all-time WSOP winner's list with $12,073,794 total winnings.  He has only won one WSOP bracelet, but what a bracelet to win.

We've included a nostalgic photo with this article from the “old” days when the WSOP  was played at Binion's Horseshoe and the cash they piled next to the final table was the real stuff.  They also had a cadre of guards with loaded large bore riot guns.   

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