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2014 WSOP Event #65 $10,000 Main Event Championship

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Sunday saw the second flight of the World Series of Poker Main Event get under way at high noon.  The most famous words in poker were given to the crowd by non other than TV great, Ray Romano, “Shuffle Up and Deal!”  The cards were in the air and Day 2B was officially underway.

The second group will follow the exact format of play as does all three flights.  Play is defined as five levels of two hours each with a twenty minute break after each.  A ninety minute dinner break comes after the first three levels have completed.

Those players with clips will bag up and return for one of the three Day 2s.  Those lucky players surviving Day 2 will then return for Day 3 which will combine all the remaining players for the first time.

A little news from Saturday's Day 1A.  The number of entrants taking seats for the first day of play in the 2014 WSOP Main Event was 771, down from previous years.  Now that online poker is once again offered to select groups in the US it was assumed that Main Event numbers would be equal to or better than those posted during the boom years, but don't be too disappointed.

Day 1C on Monday is expected to be huge and may well establish a record for a first day of the Main Event.  Even if we don't set a new record or even tie the old old one the 2014 has been a tremendous success and once again reminds the world that anyone of age with a buy-in can sit down at a table and play with the legends of the game.

I say game instead of sport since many don't accept the game of poker into the world of sports.  Most of these people have never sat for 10-12 hours in some of the worlds most uncomfortable chairs while making decisions that involve millions of parameters and dollars.  I believe it does belong in the sports category based simply on the fact it's called a “game.”

Know any other sport that will allow you and any other ordinary player to walk onto the field and compete?  Play poker and you can do exactly that.  Like most other sports you will not be favored to win; but you get an opportunity to play with the best in the game.

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