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2014 WSOP Event #53 $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Finally, one of my favorites events.  When the ladies all gather around the tables and play serious poker.  This year's event drew 793 ladies to the No-Limit Ladies Championship, down about 17% from last years 954 entrants.  A prize pool of $713,700 distributed among the top 81 finishers with the winner receiving $153,470 in cash and a special WSOP gold bracelet.

Probably some of the readers are saying, “Hey, wait a minute.  Just how much juice is the house keeping if the prize pool for a $10,000 buy-in event with 793 paid admissions is only $713,700?”  That's a legitimate question that can be easily answered by a little bit of politically correct sleigh of hand.  To keep this ladies event stocked with only ladies and none of those rowdy males the WSOP had to resort to creating a situation  that didn't appeal to the boys.  All Ladies entering that are indeed ladies receive a discount of 90% on their buy-in while male entrants much pay full price.  Clever, huh?

Once the heads-up stage was reached between Mikiyo Aoki and Haixia Zang it only took eleven hands to have our ladies champion for the 2014 World series of Poker.  Haixia Zang of Los Gatos, California stood alone above the field holding all the chips and claiming her WSOP gold bracelet and the $153,470 belonging to the champion.

Mikiyo Aoki fought the good fight but came up one position short finishing in second place so heads home to Bozeman, Montana with her $94,800 in prize money.   

The following lists the nine final table players' order of finish and the prize money awarded to each.

  1. Haixia Zhang -----------$153,470

  2. Mikiyo Aoki------------ $94,800

  3. Meilkat Siu------------- $61,114

  4. Elizabeth Montizanti---$44,770

  5. Pat Landis----------------$33,279

  6. Persia Bonella -----------$25,072

  7. Kendra Wray-------------$19,120

  8. Stacy Sullivan------------$14,752

  9. Patricia Cahill------------$11,504

Congratulations to Haixia Zhang for winning her first WSOP gold bracelet plus the winner's share of $153,470 in cash in the 2014 WSOP Event #53 $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship.

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