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2014 WSOP Event #46 $50,000 The Poker Players Championship

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Anyone with an extra $50,000 burning a hole in their pocket  can immediately put out the flames and take a seat in The Poker Players Championship because that's the price of entry to this elite tournament.  One hundred two entrants paid the fee and took their seats with an eye on the winner's share of $1,517,767 from the $4,896,000 prize pool.  There's also the matter of the winner's championship WSOP bracelet.

This event was won in 2013 by Matthew Ashton whom was eliminated during play on the 2nd day of the event when his Kings up came second to John Monnette's Aces up and Ashton headed for the rail.  Early in Day 2 he had lost the majority of his chips to Phil Ivey.

Heads-up play in The Poker Players Championship is often some of the best poker of the series.  Who can forget the two way play between the late Chip Reese and Andy Bloch in 2006?  One for the record books as the two played on and on, far into the night. Until finally, Chip Reese had Andy Bloch all in and the great god of poker decides to hang onto Bloch's first WSOP gold bracelet until some other time in the future.

The 2014 edition of the heads-up Players Championship has Brandon Shack-Harris grinding against “Johnny World” Hennigan whom is holding a substantial chip lead.  Shack-Harris turns the momentum around and gains a stack of chips, then Hennigan comes roaring back and takes away two stacks.

Finally after a series of chip trades which always favored Hennigan, Shack-Harris was down to his last three hundred thousand and change and probably had decided to go all-in with the first hole paint.  The game was No-Limit Hold'em and Shack-Harris held a King-7o.  Yep, Henningan was holding an Ace-10o.  The board ran out offering no help to either player and Hennigan is the 2014 WSOP The Poker Player Championship champion.

Johnny Hennigan collects a special WSOP gold bracelet, $1,517,767 in real money and gets his name permanently inscribed on the Chip Reese Trophy.  Brandon Shack-Harris received $937,975 for second place. 

The following lists the eight final table players' order of finish and the prize money awarded to each.

  1. John Hennigan------------- $1,517,767

  2. Brandon Shack-Harris---- $937,975

  3. Jesse Martin---------------- $594,570

  4. Abe Mosseri --------------- $402,696

  5. Chun Lei Zhou------------- $286,122

  6. Frank Kassela---------------$212,829

  7. Melissa Burr --------------- $165,435

  8. Allen Kessler ---------------$134,101

Congratulations to John Hennigan for winning his third WSOP gold bracelet and the winner's share of $1,517,767 in cash plus the title of 2014 WSOP Poker Champion.  In addition, “Johnny World” Hennigan will have his name permanently engraved on the Chip Reese Memorial trophy.

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