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2014 WSOP Event #47 $1,500 Ante Only No-Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Jesse McEuenAnother variation of the WSOP's player favorite poker format, No-Limit Hold'em.  This game removes the blinds and places an ante on each player to get the pot started.  Many of us that grew up watching after school westerns on TV knew what an ante was because all they played was draw poker with an ante.

But of course, the 2014 WSOP isn't your average old b&w TV poker game so the “ante only” version is now a novelty that attracted 714 perspective winners with the $1,500 cash to buy a seat.  Once the arithmetic was done the prize pool amounted to $963,900 and will become prorated payments to the top 72 in-the-money finishers.

Heads-up play between Jonas Lauck and Jesse McEuen was a good show and a crowd pleaser after the two started play almost even in chips.  The cards seemed to favor McEuen and he moved Lauck's chips into his growing stacks right up to the first break in heads-up play.  Following a twenty minute break the players returned to play only one hand.  McEuen's pocket Aces trumped Lauck's A-10 and it was all over.

Jesse McEuen claimed the WSOP gold bracelet and $212,093 in cash.  Runner-up Jonas Lauck settled for $130,955.

The following lists the nine final table players' order of finish and the prize money awarded to each.

  1. Jesse McEuen----------- $212,093

  2. Jonas Lauck------------- $130,955

  3. Rhys Jones-------------- $85,131

  4. Simeon Naydenov ---- $62,528

  5. Adam Levy--------------$46,575

  6. Ryan D'Angelo----------$35,143

  7. Herbert Yarbrough----- $26,825

  8. Jeremy Joseph ----------$16,145

  9. Arthur Pro -------------- $12,694

Congratulations to Jesse McEuen for winning his first WSOP gold bracelet and the winner's share of $212,093 in cash.

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