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2014 WSOP Event #35 $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Eight Handed

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Practically any poker tournament that plays a form of Hold'em will attract a crowd of hopefuls standing in line waiting to trade their buy-ins for a seat.  Event #35 of the 2014 WSOP was no exception even though the buy-in was a healthy $5,000 to get a seat in this Hold'em event that officially was a No-Limit variety with an additional condition of eight players per table.

An entry list that topped off at 550 entrants created a prize pool of $2,585,000 with $633,341 destined for the eventual winner.  Scheduled for 4 days of play the event moved along with such a rapid pace of eliminations that the whole affair was wrapped up on Day 3.  The top 56 finishers left with cash from the prize pool.

The last contestant with chips and a chair was Brian Yoon from Torrance, California.  Continuing on the quick pace of day 3 the heads-up play lasted just 19 hands between Brian Yoon and second place finisher, Josh Arieh.  On the last hand, Yoon flopped a flush when the board showed all diamonds .  Arieh comitted all his chips holding the Ace of diamonds but needing another diamond for the nut flush.  The diamonds remained hidden in the deck and Yoon's 9 high diamond flush gave him title to his second WSOP gold bracelet and $633,341 in cash.

Josh Arieh also had a nice payday with $391,575 coming his way as runner up.   

The following lists the eight final table players' order of finish and prize money awarded to each.

  1. Brian Yoon ----------- $633,341

  2. Josh Arieh ------------ $391,575

  3. Josh Bergman -------- $246,169

  4. Ardit Kurshumi -------$176,684

  5. Mustapha Kanit ------ $128,862

  6. Dan Smith------------- $95,515

  7. Timo Pfutzenreuter--- $71,940

  8. Tony Cousineau------- $55,034

Congratulations to Brian Yoon on winning his second WSOP gold bracelet and taking down the $633,341 cash prize reserved for the winner.

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