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Poker Player Newspaper Takes Forward Step

by Wendeen H. EolisWendeen H. Eolis

Last week, Stanley Sludikoff, publisher of Poker Player Newspaper, addressed card room personnel in an open letter saying, “For the past 30 years PPN has faithfully served card rooms across the country with a print edition available every two weeks." He continued, "Costs to provide this service have escalated past a point of feasibility in our current business model."  He announced, "Accordingly, effective immediately, we will be publishing Poker Player Newspaper exclusively on the Internet at"

It was a painful step but also a potential winner for the MENSA man and member of the Seniors Poker Hall of Fame. Make no mistake, about it—at 78 Sludikoff is still going strong, fearlessly and immensely confident about Poker Player Newspaper’s future.

A businessman and one time blackjack enthusiast, Sludikoff published diverse gambling books for decades. Among them are a collection of stories by Doyle Brunson “According to Doyle,” the ultimate “Book of Tells” by Mike Caro, and the pre-eminent work of gaming law professor I. Nelson Rose, “Gambling and the Law.” Sludikoff  also brought blackjack expert Ken Uston’s tale of "Million Dollar Blackjack" to the public. A library of sixty five books have been published as part of his Gambling Times business.

As the publisher of Gambling Times Magazine and Poker Player Newspaper, Sludikoff has reveled in his position as “Panderer To No One.” For Poker Player Newspaper readers this has meant more valuable content because Sludikoff believes that his writers have the right to write about facts and express opinions in the context of legitimate facts without regard to his own personal views. He refrains from editing that smacks of manipulation to suit himself.  As a publisher he respects the bread and butter advertisers provide, but editorial content is not stymied by advertiser relationships, as it is so often in trade print media.

PPN’s time sensitive content  at has drawn a loyal customer base. A new level of concentration on this platform will make possible expanded subject matter to include the broadest and most timely editorial material.

Sludikoff says the PPN website is in the process of expanding its mandate to serve as a key focal point for breaking poker news and the place to go for poker strategy by experts who stand the test of time. 

Profiles of players and feature stories on card rooms as well as more strategy articles for everyday players are planned. So are thoughtful takes on the business of poker and the executives that create and maintain our poker world.

The effectiveness of the transition is dependent not only on Sludikoff’s tough decision to cut the costs associated with print, but also on the commitment of card rooms, poker media advertisers, and readers to insure the continuation of robust circulation of Poker Player Newspaper.

So Stan asks each and all, "Please help us to inform poker players that the familiar Poker Player Newspaper has an exclusive home on the web here at"

While the current changes were necessary to respond prudently to current financial pressures in the print media industry, Sludikoff says, "I am eager to continue PPN’s reliable longtime service as the 'Players Voice'."

He adds, "At this point in my life (of nearly 79 years), given my desire to pass the mantle as well as to work through the economic pressures as expeditiously as possible, I am looking for a working partner/investor or alternatively for a full buyout of my family–based Poker Player business which has operated since 1982." There is an opportunity, here!

Sludikoff tells his partners and his customers, "I have to say, I appreciate the loyalty of our team, our advertisers and  all of our card room readers over the years, and am hopeful that a print publication will be part of Poker Player Newspaper’s future."

For myself, let me say "Thank you" to Stan for insuring, as a writer, that I have enjoyed genuine freedom of the press for the past 12 years. I look forward to the continuing opportunity to share unique stories with my loyal readers. 

Editor’s Note: Wendeen Eolis is CEO of Eolis International  a legal/business/government  consultancy with a specialty in the gaming space. She has served as an advisor to Mayor Rudy Giuliani and as 1st Asst. to Governor George Pataki.  She was the first woman to cash in the main event at the World Series of Poker. Earlier, Ken Uston was her partner at blackjack tables and at home. See her wikipedia listing, and press clip index for more information. This article is her exclusive property. She can be reached; Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn.

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