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Your Poker Radio A New Wave of Poker Entertainment

Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Article by Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Spend a few minutes with Joe Purvis and you’ll understand why they call him ‘Poker Joe’. He loves the game. A construction worker for 22 years, Purvis began playing in the mid-80’s in the tool sheds on construction sites, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he became fully immersed in this American pastime.

“They started calling me ‘Poker Joe’ after I launched a few online forums for friends,” he says, thinking back to the days when he was an affiliate for a number of poker sites.

Purvis, a guy who’s played in more than 40 casinos all over the USA, is always working; he’s organized online and live tournaments for charities like LUPUS and disabled veterans, everything from events in hotel banquet rooms with local card sharks to nationally advertised contests featuring the likes of Jerry Yang, the 2007 World Series of Poker main event champion.

Now, he’s devoting his time and energy to an exciting new project, what he hopes will become a ‘new wave’ of poker entertainment - Your Poker Radio. In the wake of 'Black Friday', Purvis believes there is a definite need for this type of service.

“We feel there is a need and want for quality poker programming,” he says, referring to his line-up of 11 poker and gambling shows, including podcasts from High Roller Radio, Ante-Up and House of Cards. Your Poker Radio will also broadcast Any 2 Will Do with Donna Blevins, coaching tips with Jan Siroky and Ben Hayles and short interviews right from the poker room floor in Los Angeles and Las Vegas from Poker Telegraph. Plus, those who like to wager will get tips and advice from Locker Room Picks, a sports betting show hosted by expert handicappers Tony George and Steve Rich.

Your Poker Radio has already attracted two major sponsors; Full Flush Poker, the network’s exclusive poker site, and Blue Shark Optics, a leading player in the field of eye and poker wear. In fact, as part of the network launch, you’ll be able to find the absolute best deals on Blue Shark Optics gear through the end of June only at

“We’re so glad to welcome our sponsors and we promise to deliver exciting content. We’re going to work hard to achieve our goal of bringing the poker playing public the best poker shows and top poker pros and mix in some great music as well. We’re going to have two channels, one concentrating on time zones in the U.S. while the other takes care of our European friends.”

Your Poker Radio launches Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST on Channel 1 with a program exclusive to the network, ‘Derrick & Dannenmann’. Yes, the ‘Derrick’ part is me, yours truly, a broadcaster with 18 years experience in radio and television, My plan is to play quarterback and hand the ball off to the, always entertaining, ‘Dannenmann’ part of the show, Steve Dannenmann, who in 2005 finished runner-up to Joe Hachem at the WSOP main event for a whopping $4.2 million.

During taping for our debut episode Dannenmann, among other things, recalled a story about Phil Ivey losing large at the craps table, admitted he played the final hand of the 2005 main event poorly, explains why he stood up to Phil Hellmuth and called him a ‘punk at the Tournament of Champions and suggested poker players should be allowed to bring a gun to the table, joking “there should be a one bullet maximum.”

Our show, ‘Derrick & Dannenmann’, will air Thursday’s at 8 and 11 p.m. eastern time on Channel 1 and then replay on Friday’s at 2 and 6 p.m. eastern on Channel 2. Both channels will offer a wide range of music selections and ‘content shorts’ and the network will soon be adding special poker events and even slot and blackjack tournaments.

To listen be sure to visit

Here’s the Line-Up:

High Roller Radio: poker and gambling podcast boasting some of the best interviews online. This site is for the poker/gambling junkie and is chalk full of news, views and interviews. Features, legends of the game and gambling oddities. 2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it at

Ante Up: an award-winning weekly internet audio show that mixes humour, commentary and strategy. It’s the longest running poker cast on the planet. Be sure to catch a new episode every Friday at

House of Cards: a 60-minute radio talk show that provides listeners with information on the business and entertainment side of the gambling and casino industries. For more information go to

Any 2 Will Do w/ Donna Blevins: poker from a woman’s perspective. Donna Blevins brings a down to earth, humorous, approach to her poker and life lessons. Learn more at

Poker Telegraph: a Poker Player’s Blog Network, providing short interviews right from poker room floors in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Visit

Locker Room Picks: a multi-media sports and information company providing expert analysis on games and their current lines. This radio show, on the Yahoo Sports Radio network, is hosted by Tony George and Steve Rich, both veteran handicappers, is for the sports betting nut. Visit

Editor's Note: Derrick Oliver-Dewan is a broadcast veteran with 18 years experience in radio and television and the founder of and the High Roller Radio Poker Blog.  He can be reached at


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