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Advanced Poker Training Helps Players “Beat The Pros”

By Jason Bullock

I wrote previously about, but now I’d like to give you more details about their “Beat The Pro” Challenge feature— it’s really something novel that will change the way you look at poker training forever. It’s like having a top poker pro looking over your shoulder while you play, without spending hundreds of dollars an hour—it’s really that good.

Here’s how the Beat the Pro Challenge works. The challenges focus on particular “target areas” of your game— for example, Playing Pocket Jacks, or Playing Ace-Queen, or even a specific tournament trouble spot, such as Medium Pocket Pairs in the middle stages of a multi-table tournament. The challenge starts out with a 5-minute background video, teaching some of the concepts behind what you’re about to learn. Then, the actual challenge—you play through a group of hands in that target area, against APT’s lifelike opponents.

Now here’s the best part: One of APT’s pros have already played these exact same hands as well. They were dealt the same cards as you, and their opponent’s cards and the board cards were the same as well. When you’re finished, you get to watch a video replay of your actions compared to the pro’s actions, and listen to audio commentary from them describing why they played it the way they did.

I can’t imagine a better way to improve at poker faster, other than actually paying a pro to work with you individually. Mike Caro charges $295 an hour for private coaching, and he’s worth twice that—but if that price isn’t in your budget, APT can offer you a peek into the brain of the “Mad Genius” for a fraction of the cost. He just joined Advanced Poker Training as their chief strategist, and some of his Beat the Pro Challenges are already appearing on the site. There are two available, on “Medium Suited Connectors” and “Playing Under the Gun”, with a third to follow shortly (“Playing From the Button”).

Advanced Poker Training is also releasing a series of multi-table tournament challenges by Scott Clements, a tireless tournament player from the Pacific Northwest with over 100 live cashes for nearly $6 million, two WSOP bracelets, and two WPT titles. I can’t wait to get a peek at his strategies!

Let’s not forget about “Titan Tom” Braband’s challenges either. This tough Southern California pro already has several million dollars in cashes. In his Beat the Pro Challenges, he goes into every hand in great depth, looking at all the possible alternate lines.

More features of Advanced Poker Training include a poker simulator game with 10 levels and over 100 lifelike opponents. The patented game plays right in your browser with no download required. You can get advice while you play, choose the hole cards you are dealt, see the odds, and see your statistics. You get your own personal online database of every hand you play, and weekly training reports to help guide you as you train, and so much more. So check them out at It’s less than $20 a month, and they’ll even give you your money back if you’re not satisfied, but trust me, you won’t be asking for it.

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